Why black walnut European furniture is so expensive

  In recent years, black walnut is a modern European solid wood furniture industry more “noble” one of the wood, black walnut European furniture, although not in the price advantage, but its wood value over time can make buyers satisfied with its quality, let us specifically to understand the high-end European furniture wood black walnut information.

Black walnuts in the United States are one of the most valuable broad-leaved wood varieties in North America. The upholstery of the “light wood” fashion movement runs through the 1990s, once depriving walnuts of their place as the king of broad-leaved wood in the United States. Black walnuts grow in the eastern United States, dark, noble, strange, luxurious words are the appropriate description of the species of trees.

The black walnut wood cutting surface is smooth, glossy and soft, light black-brown with purple, and the cut is beautiful large parabolic pattern. These features make people widely apply black walnut wood with European furniture, black walnut side is milky white, heart material from light brown to dark chocolate color, occasionally purple and darker stripes. After steam treatment edge material variable depth, its color characteristics are more noble using it to create European furniture.

Why black walnut European furniture is so expensive

Black walnut European-style furniture, not easy to decay, easy to dry, less deformation. Easy to construct, easy to heal. The shrinkage rate is very small, so that black walnut European furniture can be applied to the changing climate environment, there will be no cracking and other problems.

Other wood furniture is not as good as black walnut European-style furniture can absorb oil coating. Walnut wood elegant, wood-print editable chic, clear and charming, the European furniture made elegant and generous. Black walnut European-style furniture is not easy to crack, deformation and so on. Heat resistance, durable and anti-corrosion capacity. As a result, walnut European furniture is expensive and hard for ordinary households to afford.

Walnut wood texture of its uniform and exquisite wood pattern, good anti-bending anti-corrosion ability, making it one of the European furniture production materials, the general household of black walnut furniture after the baptism of time and daily use of skin nourishment, the color of black walnut will gradually deepen and extremely oily.

The above is the whole content of the knowledge of Black Walnut European furniture, I hope to help you all.

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