What is the unique style of European furniture?

Refined simplicity, crisp lines, compact shape, practical and close to nature are the two main features of modern European furniture. In addition to the characteristics, their design style is also very different, today, we will look at several European furniture style classification.

What is the unique style of European furniture?

Keywords: nature:refers to the 20th century, modern industry has not been established in Europe, in the context of the prevailing tradition of handicrafts in the era of practical as the first principle, in the European furniture materials, technology, modeling and other aspects of the transmission of pure European furniture style. It presents is very close to the natural original ecological beauty, there is no extra decoration, European furniture all materials are exposed to the original texture and color.

Keywords: simplicity. Refers to the beginning of the 20th century, after the establishment of modern industry in Europe, the local traditional European furniture crafts and industrialization combined, and by the influence of the European modernist design movement, set off a revolution of design trend, the art and practical combination, so that the European style of furniture formed a more comfortable and more human design style.

It has changed the European furniture too rational and rigid image, into the modern cultural concept, added the use of new materials, so that the European style of pastoral more in line with the needs of the international society. Therefore, European furniture is becoming more and more popular with the international community. Most of the European furniture we see is the embodiment of the new Nordic style.

What is the unique style of European furniture?

Focus on the of nature, but different fields have different nature, and then also derived from a variety of furniture styles, there are European pastoral style, but also Chinese pastoral style, each has its own characteristics, each has its own beauty.
now you have the idea of wanting a set of your own European furniture?

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