What is the design of Nordic furniture?

The design of Nordic furniture is a spiritual and cultural embodiment, so there is a very difficult to describe the beauty of the language, its design is exudes endless charm, different of modern European furniture style, it does not have baroque design of the gorgeous decoration, there is no postmodernkind kind of special decoration and grotesque shape, But it deeply touched all those who lived in Scandinavia and the world who admired it. Today I will bring you the introduction of Nordic furniture design features, to help you learn more about Nordic furniture.

What is the design of Nordic furniture?

In the 1940s, Sweden has long developed a modern Nordic style characterized by “simple and simple”, and the Nordic furniture designed by Sweden has since gained worldwide recognition and become popular around the world. Sweden’s Nordic furniture design beauty is not only because of the simple appearance, color, structure humanization, low price, but also because the design in the community has played a correct value of the propaganda role, but can guide people to choose a healthy lifestyle and scientific design concept.

Because of the particularity of the geographical environment, the European furniture style of Rococo, baroque design thought on the Nordic furniture design has little impact. In general, Nordic design has maintained the characteristics of simplicity, functional practicality, humannature, popularization, tradition, natural simplicity and so on, against too flamboyant decoration, the pursuit of form and function of harmony, perfection and unity, the heritage and development of traditional crafts, as well as awe of nature. In the process of making Nordic furniture, we not only attach importance to the practicality of product function, but also ignore the emotional value inside the product.

What is the design of Nordic furniture?

To some extent, the Nordic furniture “minimalism” is a continuation of the modernist design concept, of which Sweden is the most prominent. In the 1920s, a compromise “art deco” movement emerged, such as furniture design neither against decoration nor over-decoration.Consciously abandon the flashy decoration, but in the design of the object of service can not get rid of the service for the upper nobles this serious limitation.

Nordic furniture in the premise of meeting the basic functions, in the form will also make people feel the beauty of the visual in the color selection, Nordic furniture likes to use a large area of pure warm tones, and then gradually tend to use light tones, the performance of simple and simple, light and elegant, refreshing and bright effect. Structurally, like to use coherent lines to express the product, pay attention to the physical needs of the product and psychological needs of the two aspects of satisfaction, and strive to maximize the function and form of perfection, harmony, unity.

Design is good at discovering the balance between the natural symbiosis of man and nature, loyal to the country, the region’s raw materials. Designers abandoned European-style furniture more like rubber wood European furniture, research on local materials, the choice of materials and the pursuit of technology have shown the pursuit of nature to the pure to true yearning. At the same time, there is no paint for the wood of Nordic furniture. The perfect extreme performance makes the wood itself natural. A great deal of design inspiration for Nordic furniture is captured from nature, for example, some Nordic furniture creation is from the animals and plants in nature out of the geometric form, design from nature but higher than nature.

What is the design of Nordic furniture?

Nordic furniture products are not simply practical focus, designers to the product into the blood of emotional value. Because Sweden is at high latitudes, long winters, low temperatures, designers also take into account human emotions, so in simplicity at the same time pay attention to the choice of materials – wood use does not make people feel cold, but can give a warm spiritual comfort.

Economic development today, people are no longer simply the pursuit of product functions, but a higher level of user experience, Nordic furniture by virtue of its design advantages, slowly to people to accept.

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