What are the characteristics of the color design of modern European furniture?

  Different people, the understanding of social and cultural values is not the same, some people feel that the more ancient furniture, even if it is faded furniture is beautiful, because of this rusty or faded material, there is a sense of time, is the traces left by the years. So everyone’s view of beauty is different. The function of furniture is not only to meet people’s living needs, but also to meet the psychology and emotions of users. Therefore, any furniture should consider the issue of color design, modern European furniture also needcolor design. I’m here today to analyze the color design features of modern European furniture.

 The color design of modern European furniture features, the color of furniture in the whole home space has a very important role. At present, we use modern European furniture, is not only a daily necessity, but also a decoration. Furniture design not only requires a beautiful shape, but also a pleasant color, so that users with comfort, looking comfortable. Therefore, the color design of modern European furniture has the dual effect of practical and decorative. In a complete interior design scheme, the color of furniture and the color of the interior environment is both opposite and unified.

What are the characteristics of the color design of modern European furniture?

The beauty of modern European furniture, but also reflected in the selection of European furniture materials, furniture should also take into account the living space of the wall, floor and top color space. Not that the color of furniture must be consistent with other color tones, furniture colors can also have its personality, as embellishments or highlights appear. The choice of furniture materials is the key to color beauty, different materials reflect different materials and colors. Excellent furniture designers are also experts in the use of color, furniture materials color matching has a very high demand. It is the furniture designer’s perfect pursuit of materials, and ultimately make the design of the home has its own unique language, can convey an emotion. When consumers and designers resonate, it’s natural to stop and buy products.

Different modern European furniture materials will reflect different color beauty, in order to achieve the ideal color effect, designers take the material and color together. European modern European furniture designers like to use aluminum, metal and plastic materials to express modern simple single-color furniture, not only suitable for large industrial production, but also monochrome furniture more simple and stylish.

What are the characteristics of the color design of modern European furniture?

It is worth mentioning that plastic materials in the modern European furniture production color formation application. Plastic materials in the manufacturing phase, most lying with brilliant colors, monochrome may also be batch dyed, such as THE PC plastic material specified available color range, than the special color is greatly reduced in cost, and can achieve subtle color changes. Plastic furniture color richness of up to thousands of kinds, with different materials can be combined with different color feelings, forming different color beauty, is currently widely used in the market of modern European furniture materials.

The application of wood in modern European furniture design is also irreplaceable, solid wood material furniture itself has a natural color, soft color, so that most people can accept. Wood is divided into hardwood and cork, hardwood mostly rich color, cork mostly light color. The available wood options include sheet and machined wood, woodworking boards, fiberboards, particleboard, plywood and paintless panels. Europeans like to paint the surface of the wood with color, which they think is a protection of the wood and must look like a finished product. Asians like natural wood color, think that trees are also life can breathe, in the production of modern European furniture as far as possible to retain the original color of wood, reflecting the harmony between man and nature of the color of beauty.

Modern European furniture color design features, reflected in the designer’s inspiration and user resonance. Designers will choose different European furniture materials to reflect the beauty of different colors. Grasp the psychological needs of people, and constantly develop more ideas to make modern European furniture more colorful, adapt to the aesthetic requirements of modern people.

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