Modern European Sofa Style

modern European sofa abandons too complex texture and decoration and simplifies lines. European Neoclassical Furniture abandons too complex texture and decoration and simplifies lines. Combining the classical style of European furniture with individual unique style and modern spirit, the classical furniture presents a colorful appearance. Although it has classical curves and surfaces, it has less classical carving and more use of modern furniture’s straight lines.

Modern European sofa style
Modern European sofa style

The style characteristics of European furniture are usually white, coffee and crimson. A small amount of white European pastoral furniture pays special attention to the concise, clear lines and elegant and appropriate decoration in the characteristics of European style furniture. With the influence of traditional handicraft and the use of modern advanced technology, European pastoral furniture appears more graceful and elegant.

Preference of bright color system, especially “baroque furniture” color is very strong, which is gold as its main color, more gold-plated or gold leaf to decorate, appear splendour, “Lococo furniture” color is more soft, beige, white pattern is its main color, “new classical furniture” color is more skewed to warm color, such as wood color.

European classical furniture European classical style as an important family school continues the characteristics of the 17th to 19th century royal noble furniture, for each detail of excellence, in the solemn style of pursuit of luxury and elegance, and into the modern design methods, it is closer to practicality, revealing the historical traces of European tradition and profound cultural heritage. European furniture style can be said to be a popular furniture style.

Its main sign is the use of Roman-style architecture of the serial arcade as furniture construction and decoration techniques, furniture body bulky, formal form, and more of the use of car surface construction, some people think that this is the basis of the Windsor chair later. The paneling is decorated with reliefs and light carvings, decorated with geometric patterns, woven patterns, curly grasses, crosses, Christ, angels and lions. In European furniture, because of the European nostalgia complex and the romance of ancient Rome, so Roman furniture in European furniture occupies an important position. The style characteristics of Roman-style furniture are actually derived from Roman architecture.

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