How to maintain European wood floors

  In the home environment, the living room is the most crowded and the most used place. European living room decoration in addition to some beautiful European furniture, we also want to have a set of good-looking wooden flooring, European-style wooden floorise is the most popular, European-style furniture cleaning and maintenance is very important, therefore, the living room wooden floor maintenance also appears particularly important.Today we’re learning the cleaning and maintenance techniques of European flooring.

How to maintain European wood floors

A good floor needs good maintenance, it’s like a good car needs good maintenance. Wood flooring must be fully installed 48 hours before it can be used, such as placing furniture, cleaning the floor, etc. Because the wooden floor has just been installed, the wooden floor is not very strong, it is recommended that the wooden floor after 48 hours of installation after cleaning and maintenance surface, extend its service life.

The daily cleaning of wooden floors plays an important role in the service life of the wooden floors. In daily use, it is strictly forbidden to use harmful chemicals to clean the floor, such as unknown ingredients such as dust-pulling agent. Daily cleaning, should use less than 30% moisture content of wet cloth to clean the surface, if the wooden floor stain, vinegar, salt, oil and other contaminated floor, can use special cleaning supplies, do not use gasoline cleaning.

How to maintain European wood floors

Regarding the maintenance of European wood flooring is the most concerned about indoor temperature and humidity, we recommend that you keep the indoor temperature at 16 c-24 degrees C, indoor relative humidity of 40%, should take humidification measures.

European-style wood flooring by a variety of natural and human reasons, should be carried out regular maintenance. Solid wood floor maintenance experts pointed out that in order to maintain the original color and texture of the wooden floor, but also in order to improve the service life of the wooden floor, to have regular maintenance. Generally speaking, the solid wood floor installation is completed to do a maintenance, and must use professional maintenance equipment.

 For oil floors, all-natural maintenance products extracted from plants such as soybeans and coconuts are ideal for cleaning and maintenance. This product is also environmentally friendly and can be used for all untreated wood, giving maximum protection to the wood surface, thoroughly cleaning the stains of wood products, and cleaning the lacquer floor.

The above is about the European living room wooden floor cleaning and cleaning methods, I hope to help you.

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