How can the European-style princess chair be maintained

In our home, people are in a very relaxed state, people also need to rest modern European furniture to cooperate, so the European sofa as a place to relax, began to be valued, a more comfortable European furniture, European-style princess chair appears in people’s sight. So, what is the maintenance method of the European-style bedroom fabric lady chair?

The armrests and cushions of the cloth-arts chaise chair are easy to get dirty, and you can put the chaise chair towel on top. The cloth princess chair is easy to accumulate ash, so regular use of vacuum cleaners and other tools to dust is inevitable, but can not brush the head close to the cloth, so as not to dirty but left on the surface or the line head hook.

How can the European-style princess chair be maintained

European-style bedroom fabric chaise chair wear resistance is not as good as the leather lady chair, so should avoid sitting in the same seat for a long time, easy to make the edge spring damage. If the cloth guillad chair hair ball, please use small scissors to remove the best.

When the European-style bedroom cloth chaise chair has a big dirty stain, first with water local scrubbing, if it is removable cloth surface, remove to follow the instructions to clean, in fact, when the new Chai princess chair purchaseback, can be sprayed with cloth cleaning agent, to prevent dirty or oil adsorption.

How can the European-style princess chair be maintained

Fabric princess chair is best choose a removable jacket style, so as not to be like the European-style bedroom leather chaise chair maintenance as can not be removed jacket style will be relatively troublesome, in fact, another princess chair set can be done. Washing should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of cloth cleaning, bad cleaning can be sent to dry cleaner cleaning regularly. Some elastic covers should be ironed free and if you want to be ironed, iron them in the cover after considering the wear and tear of the fabric.

The above is my summary of the European-style bedroom fabric chaise chair maintenance methods, do a good job of maintenance skills can make the European fabric princess chair use longer, more beautiful.

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