Different Materials For European Sofas

In European furniture, from the craft, style can be divided into many categories. Sofas made of different materials also have different effects. Different materials for human comfort, fit also has different. Next I’ll introduce three common European sofa materials.

European-style cotton sofa: most people like cloth sofa, it is very high fit on the human body. Pure cotton sofa made of environmentally friendly and comfortable cotton material, soft, breathable, natural environmental protection, very close to the skin, the current market share is the highest. The idyllic style is most commonly used in cotton sofas. Its characteristics: low price, the most pattern, but poor elasticity, after a long period of use, it will be due to long-term pressure and deformation. Easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, wear resistance is poor are its shortcomings. But it still doesn’t stop people from loving it.

Different Materials For European Sofas
  • European velvet sofa: velvet sofa generally very soft and smooth surface, with soft and delicate characteristics, its stylish appearance also attracted a lot of people to buy it, with good color rendering effect, dust, anti-fouling and other advantages, but because of its material characteristics, leading to it will be easy to static electricity.e features: fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect, dust-proof, anti-fouling and other advantages, but easy to static electricity.
Different materials for European sofas
Different Materials For European Sofas

European linen sofa: warm in winter and cool in summer: wear-resistant, not easy to fold, not fading, not balling, will not generate static electricity, will not mildew in wet places.Linen fabric is mainly made of flax fiber, so it has all the characteristics of linen fiber. That is, flax fiber has a good moisture and moisture absorption, scientific experiments have proved that flax cloth can absorb more than 20 times its own moisture. It can be seen that linen fabrics have better temperature control performance. Secondly, it also has a better anti-allergy performance, because it is extracted using the degluing process, belongs to the natural fabric, does not harm the human body. The anti-static antibacterial features of linen fabrics are not available in other fabrics, and it has the characteristics of lightness and coolness.

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