Introduction To European Sofa

European sofa is not only a good place for you to take a rest. When you first see the European sofa model, you may find it particularly simple and generous, but at the same time you have this feeling, you will feel that it contains a different kind of exotic, but also with a quaint flavor, at the same time, you can also feel it with a strong sense of art. European classical sofa models have the characteristics of elegant, it is because of its characteristics, so that the European classical sofa by the upper class of people’s favorite, and therefore has become synonymous with noble quality of life.p and dream after you are tired, but also can be used to decorate your room skillfully, bringing a unique style of simplicity, nobility and romance to your room.

European furniture is an important element of European classical style decoration, with Italian, French and Spanish style furniture as the main representative. It continues the characteristics of Royal noble furniture from 17th century to 19th century. It pays attention to fine cutting and sculpture by hand. The outline and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and decorated with gold-plated copper ornaments. The structure is concise, the lines are smooth, the colors are rich and the sense of art is strong. It gives the whole feeling of nobility, elegance and solemnity.

Introduction To European Sofa

In the selection, hand pressure product surface, to see if there will be metal friction of the impact sound, if there is, it means that the sofa work is more rough, not recommended to buy, and see whether its internal padded material is healthy enough, avoid the use of some waste and spoiled materials. The structure of the product is also a very critical piece, can first use the left and right hand to promote, to see if the card structure is strong enough, if there is a shaking or sound, it means that the structure is not strong enough, it is recommended not to buy.

European sofa maintenance precautions
1,to avoid beating on its seat surface, so that it is easy to make the local pressure after the phenomenon of deformation, and also can not let some appliances to touch its surface, to prevent scratching fabric. 2, to avoid long-term exposure of sunlight, which will lead to product deformation and loss of elasticity, if often meet the direct light, should be separated from time to place the sofa, so that effectively prevent color difference is too obvious.

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