European sofa do you know how to maintain it?

Now people’s pursuit of life in addition to the beautiful is more comfortable, in the living room sofa is one of the necessary furniture, in many European furniture materials, European-style fabric sofa more and more popular. European fabric sofa has a variety of materials, for consumers to choose multiple choices, below we for the European sofa maintenance methods to provide advice.

In the living room, we want to keep the european sofa wall with the wall to maintain a 0.5-1 cm gap, avoid direct sunlight, the best place in the can avoid the sun, or with translucent tulle curtains to separate the daylight. Vacuum at least once a week, with particular attention to remove dust between fabric structures, European sofa cushions are flipped once a week to allow for even distribution of wear. If stains are stained, wipe with clean cloth and water, in order to avoid leaving a mark, it is best to wipe from the outside of the stain. Velvet furniture is not water-dipped and dry cleaners should be used.

All sofa cloth sleeves and bushings should be cleaned in a dry cleaning manner, not washable, not to bleach. Because cotton cloth is fragile, therefore, in cleaning should be cleaned with low-temperature water, try not to use washing machine, also can not use bleach cleaning, so as not to fade. Pure cotton European sofa with washing machine cleaning will be easy to hair ball, should be removed with small scissors; After buying back the European-style sofa, it is best to spray a cloth cleaning agent to prevent dirty oil and water adsorption.Such as the market ketone mist agent, with dust, oil pollution and other effects, sprayonce once a month, can effectively avoid the impact of the cloth sofa by oil pollution.

European sofa do you know how to maintain it?

Sofa armrests, sofa base, sofa feet are dirty and difficult to clean, should be laid on the top of the good-looking sofa towel or large towel. The armrests, backrests and crevices of the sofa must be dusted frequently, do not use suction brush when using the vacuum cleaner, in order to prevent the destruction of the fabric on the fabric and make the cloth fluffy, but also to avoid using extra large suction force to absorb, this may lead to the wire is torn off. The above is the European-style living room sofa maintenance method for you, European-style living room sofa style many, buy home must not forget to maintain it.

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