European Sofa Buying Selection

Sofa is a common kind of furniture in life. There are many styles of sofa, such as European sofa, modern sofa, simple sofa, etc. Today I’d like to introduce one of them, the European sofa. European sofa, as its name implies, since it is European, it must have European style, and no wonder it is so popular nowadays. But popularity does not necessarily suit you. When you buy a sofa, you should also consider the style of your living room, so that the style of the sofa is consistent with the style of the living room sofa, so as to add to the icing. Now let me tell you how to match the European sofa, so that you have a more understanding of the European sofa.

European Sofa  Buying Selection

Look at comfort. Buy any sofa to try to sit, sit, to grasp is soft fit, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft sofa, not necessarily quality problems, but when you sit down to go there will be a “falling feeling”, people will really become “sofa potatoes.” Too soft sofa, are not suitable for the human body’s normal sitting, will have a certain impact on the human spine.
Look at the quality of the frame Both hands will be the whole sofa front and back force back and right repeatedly shake, shake, if feel better, the frame is firm.
Then consult with the sales staff, uncover the bottom cloth under the corner to view, if no decay, no worm decay, no scar, without bark or wood hair of the finished hard wood made, and the material and material interface is not with nails, but with the eyes or cut each other, and then with adhesive, there is no problem

Look at the brand
Sofa brand is very many, but be sure not to choose miscellaneous brand is best or choose some old brands.
Look at the skin. If it is a leather sofa the most important thing is to choose the skin surface.
Now the market popular sofa is divided into all green leather sofa and semi-green leather sofa, when shopping leather sofa, skin to be rich gloss, no scars, texture fine, with the tip of the finger pinched a pull up, should feel flexible and powerful, sitting after the wrinkles can disappear or not obvious, such leather is superior good skin.
Look at the quality of the internal mat The bottom surface of the high-grade sofa seat and back now a lot of nylon belt and snake reed cross-mesh structure, layered on top of the high-bounce foam, spray cotton and light body foam. This cushion bounces well and feels comfortable. Mid-range sofas are mostly glued fiberboard as the seat and back of the base plate, layered on the medium density foam and spray cotton. This mat is hard-seated and has a slightly less elasticity.

European sofa buying selection

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