Do you know anything about European-style Lococo furniture?

Rococo originally refers to the rock and shell above, refers to the 18th world of France Louis XV era of an artistic style, reflected in the architectural and interior decoration and other fields, until now, The Lococo style in the history of French classical furniture also occupies a certain position in the modern European furniture style,

European-style Lococo style furniture is also one of the modern fashion European furniture that people are pursuing now, i will introduce the European-style Lococo style furniture features. European-style Loco style furniture often uses asymmetric methods, like to use arcs and S-shaped lines, especially like the use of shells, vortex, mountain stones as decorative themes, curly grass, tangled coils, connected into one, and these imaginative ingredients in this not practical structure is extremely successful, mirror and snail-shaped legs,The outer contours of furniture such as the semi-circular narrow table have become extremely exaggerated, but the structure of cabinets, chairs and tables is based on rectangular pedestals.

Do you know anything about European-style Lococo furniture?

Common decorative patterns include plant species such as small flower leaves, ball flowers, small bouquets with ribbons, flower-shaped flower baskets, palm trees, laurel trees, reeds and palm-wrapped flower leaves and wreaths, roses and leeks; The greatest achievement of European-style Loco style furniture is to further combine the beautiful artistic shape with the comfortable effect of function on the basis of baroque furniture to form the perfect craft work.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the form of furniture and interior furnishings, interior wall decoration is completely consistent, forming a complete new concept of interior design.

Do you know anything about European-style Lococo furniture?

European-style Loco style furniture is usually with a beautiful curved frame, with brocade, and with rare wood patch, surface gilded decoration, so that this period of furniture, not only visually formed an extremely luxurious overall feeling, but also in the practical and decorative effect of the cooperation has reached an unprecedented degree of perfection. The above is the European-style Loco style furniture features I introduce to you, after you choose The European-style Loco style furniture, you will find it with feminine softness.

I hope you can also enjoy the European-style Rococo furniture style.

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