Features Of Solid Wood Furniture

High-grade European-style leather sofa has very good wood quality, high density, not easy to deform, waterproof and corrosion resistance, so the price of high-grade European-style leather sofa has always been relatively expensive. In Europe, the solid wood of high-grade European leather sofa is used to make luxury yachts, we know that the famous Titanic is made of solid wood; high-grade European leather sandy wood furniture contains a kind of oil, and has a special smell, such as environmental protection, snake repellent, insect, mouse ant; high-grade European leather sofa solid wood furniture also has an advantage that its color prolongs over time. It looks better and better.

rubber wood European furniture hard, natural and clear mountain texture, made into furniture after strong stability, durable, oak processing performance is good, suitable for the production of European-style furniture. The oak texture is hard, which is its advantage, but also its disadvantages, in the case of the production process is not mature, oak furniture is more prone to deformation and cracking phenomenon, oak furniture is also a kind of wood furniture, in the process of use, maintenance is also very important; Oak wood is wide, many advantages, we are familiar with red wine, wine barrels can be used, but also a lot of shortcomings, imperfections do not hide, growth environment caused by many knots, oak furniture overall is good. If you like European furniture, then oak furniture is a good choice.

Although consumers do not know much about European-style sofas, it does not affect the degree to which solid-wood European-style sofas are customized in the market. This is because it has a significant advantage over the private home of the average person, both in material and technicalterms. Advantage one: solid wood tile paint, the appearance of no stitching of the seams and slats of uneven scene, and in the long-term use of the process of physical performance is relatively stable. Advantage two: solid wood furniture custom use of wood utilization rate is high, in line with the ecological utilization of raw materials guidelines. Therefore, in the use of pattern color, solid wood stitching decoration is more applicable with the use of private and decoration, function. Advantage three: Although the solid wood stitching plate sheet gel volume and solid wood wide plate, single due to the maintenance of a double-sided peritoneal thick single board, and four thick single board in fact as long as the four sides of 8 gaps, so solid wood stitching in the glue paste evaporation through the seams of the chemical is far lower than the solid wood wide tile and solid wood integrated wood evaporation, more environmentally friendly, healthier. Advantage four: solid wood furniture custom planing thin wood thick single board is a selection of large diameter grade of superior logs, and in accordance with the pattern, color strict selection, the use of high-precision equipment and scientific cutting methods made. Such processing technology processing, in the pattern, color is very good sense of the body, paint after more outstanding texture, the production of the right set of private home to build a harmonious, high-level sense of value.

Features of solid wood furniture

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